The Best WordPress Backup Plugins in 2022


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00:28 David Blackmon: Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, my name is David Blackmon.

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Strifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Today we’re going to talk about one of the most important things for a WordPress website in episode 820 we’re going to talk about backup plugins and we’re going to give you our list of the best WordPress backup plugins for 2022. Now Tim why are backups so important for a website?

01:03 Tim Strifler: Yeah. So essentially the bottom line is poop happens [ __ ] happens right? Yeah so whether or not it’s a mistake on your end, you screw something up, or it’s like a server glitch. You want to make sure that you’re prepared uh whether or not it’s again something that you do or that your hosting company does you want to make sure that your website is backed up. So that you can easily restore. Right and then also before you do any type of major changes it’s always wise to do a backup any major changes to the content or design any major changes to updating plugins or WordPress or themes so anything like that. So it’s always good to have automated backups that are happening every day, and then the ability to go in and do a manual backup before you you actually make any big changes on your site Because you want to be able to undo easily restore. The backup should you need it.

02:01 David Blackmon: Absolutely. All right without further ado here are our top picks for backup plugins for WordPress not in any particular order uh this is just the order that we’re going to talk about them and stuff. Number one that we’re going to talk about is Updraft Plus. It’s they’ve been around for a while their website says they’re the world’s most trusted WordPress backup restore and clone plugin. And i gotta say they’re pretty easy to use. And uh you know i don’t think anything is 100 all the time obviously some of these backup plugins um you know over time have their issues whether a site is massively large and it times out uh backups can be a pain in the butt, but what i really like about Updraft Plus is they tend to handle the really large sites very well, and we have two pretty large sites in and divi dot space because we produce a lot of content. We have shops we have e-commerce platform and the sites over if you can imagine over a eight-year period are they’re growing all the time. So um i like the fact that it it tends to in my experience be the best for capturing the larger sites and getting the full backups without errors and stuff, yeah absolutely.

03:30 Tim Strifler: The next one on our list is all in one WP Migration. Now you might be asking yourself we’re talking about backups why did i just suggest a migration plugin well migrating a site and backing up a site the process is actually essentially the same pretty much. Every backup plugin can also help you migrate the site and in this case this migration plugin can also do backups. Now the reason why it’s on our list and why i like it so much is because it is just ridiculously simple. There’s not a lot of settings or options you just perform a backup or migration and you have that file and you bring it over to the other site and it’s it’s so dead simple, that it’s like if you just need to do a quick backup and you don’t want to have to mess around with all these different settings and configurations and stuff. It’s just really really simple to use and it in my experience it works very well very flawlessly. So all-in-one WP Migration excellent backup plug-in.

04:28 David Blackmon: Yeah and these are two of the the highest you know. Have the most active installs in the repository you know for WordPress i want to say like um all-in-one wp migration has like four million active installs are over and you know updraft plus has 300 3 million plus active installs as well. So you’re not going to go wrong with either one of those want to throw in an honorable amin, an honorable mention, honorable mention not sure why i wanted to add an a in there. English is a tough language today. WP Layouts is a product that we at Aspen Grove Studios created several years ago that allows you to save and store layouts you know pages different things but last year we incorporated the ability to basically clone an entire site, and all of the um files that’s needed to move it from one website to another. WP Layouts will do and guess what it’s 100 free and it’ll do it all for you so check it out and it’s a it’s an alternate free option that works fantastic. There you go. Tim, tomorrow we’ve got another great topic we’re going to talk about the most important factors for on-page SEO, until then.

06:05 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.



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