The Power of GSuite for Email, Storage, & More

In this episode, we are continuing our topic from episode 147 about hosted vs self-hosted email solutions. Our favorite tool for hosted email by far is GSuite. There are so many valuable features included with this service and all at a very affordable price.

  1. Professional branded emails 02:00
    • Google has some of the most trusted email servers in the world.
    • Your emails will rarely (if ever) get sent to someone’s spam folder.
  2. Inexpensive pricing plans 03:07
    • There are two plans for GSuite, a $5 per month plan and a $10 per month plan.
    • For all of the benefits included, both of these plans are super affordable and great value!
  3. A LOT of cloud Storage 04:24
    • On the $10 per month plan, you get a minimum of 1 terabyte of storage! Up to unlimited cloud storage if you have 5 or more users.
    • This service is worth it even just for the affordable cloud storage!
    • David uses this to upload backups of client websites.
    • We use Google Drive to store all of our WP the Podcast episodes and Google Sheets to plan out our episodes.
  4. One login for everything 10:04
    • You use the same login for Google Drive, Google Sheets, gmail, and even YouTube!
  5. Google Vault 10:27
    • This is an extra feature of the $10 a month plan.
    • Google will keep a backup of all the files associated with your company.
    • If an employee leaves, the administrator can still access all of the files. Even if a disgruntled employee tries to delete all of your files, the Vault will still have a backup copy of everything.
  6. Special guest for next week! 14:16
    • This upcoming week will be Internet Marketing Week at WP the Podcast!
    • Corey Hammond, VP of Marketing at A2 Hosting, will be joining us this week to share his valuable knowledge about internet marketing.

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