Our Favorite Backup Solutions for WordPress

  1. Solution #1: All-in-One WP Migration 00:44
    • So simple, and it works.
    • Install the plugin, manually export or import, and boom! Entire site migrated.
  2. Solution #2: WP Engine 02:17
    • Backups at the host level.
    • If you use a different host, research how the host is doing the back-up and make sure the backup is stored on a different server than your website.
    • Listen in for Tim’s secret work-around for hosting multiple sites!
  3. Solution #3: BackupBuddy 05:47
    • Great tool for backups, as well as migrations.
    • First backup plugin in the WordPress community.
  4. Solution # 4: Manual backups 07:36
    • When all else fails, know how to do a manual backup.

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