Why and How to Optimize Your WordPress Database

  1. Why you should optimize your WordPress database 00:51
    • WordPress stores data/content in the MySQL database. This is anything from posts to pages to settings to plugins.
    • As you start to use your website, your database will fill up very quickly.
    • Every once in awhile, you should clean up the database by removing anything you don’t need.
    • For example, by default, WordPress will store revisions for your posts. You should go in and delete the ones you don’t need to you save space. Once a post is live, you don’t really need to go back and edit revisions.
    • Another example would be plugins. You may try several different plugins for one purpose. When you decide on one, delete the ones you don’t need. Also, go into your database and delete any files created by the plugin created that you don’t need.
  2. How to optimize your WordPress database – Plugins 03:06
    • WP Optimize – this plugin can help you delete revisions, identify database tables that you don’t use, and more.
    • Better Delete Revision – this plugin will help you delete revisions. This plugin is good if you need to only do this step, otherwise you can use WP Optimize to do everything at once.
    • Optimize Database After Deleting Revisions – this is another plugin to help you optimize your WordPress database.

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