5 Ways You Can Productize Your Web Design Business

Before we get started, let’s define what “productize” means. Productizing is essentially when you take something that is custom or different every time and you package it up in a way that certain things are included.

For example, typically web design is not a product. It is a custom service based on client needs. If you “productize” a website, it might be a standard  site with 3 pages, 2 forms, etc.


  1. Create your own “website in a day” type service 01:52
    • When David was starting out, he had the idea to create these “website in a day” products. The idea was to meet with the client and give them a custom website that could be created in a day for around $2,000.
    • David and Tim’s friends are doing this type of idea over at Website in a Day.
  2. Tim’s premium Wedsite 04:47
    • Similar to the above idea, but more niche.
    • Years back, Tim had a site that created automated wedding websites.
    • It was completely automated. Tim and his business partner created several templates. The customers could add their registry and RSVP right on the site.
    • Listen closely at the end of this section for a business idea from David!
  3. Typical website maintenance services 07:31
    • This could include hosting, updates, small changes to the site, and security.
    • Learn more about this in Episode 42.
  4. Sell templates 07:58
    • Create themes and layouts that you can sell to other web designers.
  5. Sell plugins 08:59
    • You may be creating custom plugins for customers. Create these types of plugins and then sell to the web design market!

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