Why You May Want to Consider Productizing

  1. Consistent, dependable income 01:10
    • As a freelancer, you’ll have those times when you are so busy that you have to turn down projects. Then, all the sudden you have nothing and are on the hunt for new projects.
    • By productizing, you can get away from this “feast or famine” model and have consistent, dependable income.
  2. No more clients (Yay!) 03:50
    • Some clients are just a pain. They drag their feet and then complain that you haven’t finished the project.
    • If you productize your business, you won’t have to worry about clients anymore!
  3. More freedom and flexibility 04:17
    • Many people become freelancers to get freedom and flexibility. Then, they quickly realize that while you can work where ever you want, you can’t exactly work whenever you want.
    • Instead of having one boss, you could have many, depending on how many clients you have. These clients will dictate when you work and how flexible you can be.
    • If you sell products, you don’t have to trade time for money. You can set up processes to sell 24/7 and then use your time to market those products.

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