Do THIS For Your Clients If You Want to Be Successful

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00:28 Tim Strifler: Hey everyone, Tim Strifler here. Welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, case you’re wondering my co-host David Blackmon is still traveling and so he hasn’t been able to be with me for uh the last couple weeks. So uh he will be back I promise, he’s still alive, he’s doing well. It’s just we’ve been trying to to line up our schedule to record and uh we ran out of episodes and so uh when he was on doing a a a driving day and so he’s like literally pulling us his his airstream at today. And so we weren’t able to make it work so he will be back um so unfortunately for the time being next few episodes, you’re gonna have to listen to only my voice uh which i realize is not as enjoyable as having some dialogue and some back and forth and having two people’s experience and uh stories and that sort of thing. So today’s episode we’re talking about doing this for your clients if you want to be successful. Right, so a little click-baity title here do “this” for your clients if you want to be successful, but basically what it comes down to is not just focusing on building websites that look good. A lot of times people think that the most important thing when they’re building a website is for it to look good. They want their clients to be happy they want their clients users to to think that it’s pretty and that sort of thing. But here’s the thing pretty isn’t always better. What is better is when a website does what it’s supposed to do which in a lot of cases is get leads make sales that sort of thing. And so the two step combination for having websites that actually are successful. So whether that’s getting leads or making sales is there’s that step one is traffic, and step two is having a website that can convert that traffic. Right, so that’s the most simplified version of of internet marketing when it comes to a website and and achieving some sort of a goal, it’s traffic plus conversion equals leads or equals sales. Right, and so um if you want your clients to be successful and ultimately you be successful, don’t just create websites that look good create websites that are designed to convert. Create websites that solve whatever problem it’s supposed to solve, create websites that are going to help them build their email list, and get people to their store. Help them create a website that’s going to get them more phone calls. Right, so that’s that’s the second step and then the first step of course is help them get traffic. A lot of times uh small business owners don’t really understand the concept of getting traffic they’re like “yeah i know i need a website”, but that’s all they really know, and so if you can help them get traffic plus you build them a website that’s designed to convert, well now they’re going to actually see results rather than just having an online brochure that no one really sees. So i’m not going to talk about uh in this short episode all the different ways to drive traffic, but if you can get good at driving traffic whether that’s through paid ads through seo organic methods social media whatever then you will be a huge asset for your client, and they’re going to refer more work to you because you didn’t just build them a website that looked good, you built them a site that’s actually helping them grow their business which is huge. So if you do that for your clients you will be successful, they will be successful, everybody wins. So it’s not about pretty websites, i’m not saying your website has to be ugly but the whole goal shouldn’t be whether or not it looks good. So that is it for this episode uh tune in tomorrow we’re gonna talk about the best way to build email opt-in forms on WordPress, and that goes hand in hand with what we’re talking about in today’s episode. So definitely tune in uh to find out more on building email opt-in forms on WordPress. so until then take care bye-bye.

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