When Should You Build a Custom Plugin vs Using Existing Plugins

  1. When there are long-term recurring costs 01:04
    • David is currently needing a plugin that helps tag his email list. He could create some sort of workaround using Zapier integrations, but that costs extra money.
    • For his situation, there isn’t a plugin that will help him do what he wants, so he is building a custom plugin to solve the problem.
    • By going this route, he will own the plugin and not have to pay any recurring costs.
  2. When you’re forced to use workarounds that “sort-of” get the job done 04:39
    • Tim is currently using WooCommerce for his online store and has to use many integrations to support selling themes and licensing. While this does work, it’s not ideal. So, he is moving over to Easy Digital Downloads.
    • In this situation, Tim is able to use a different plugin. If you can’t find a plugin, then this is a good opportunity to build your own.
  3. When what you need does not exist 06:10
    • If there is no existing plugin for what you need, then you’ll have to create your own custom plugin.
    • One opportunity here is that you could potentially sell your plugin. If you have a need for it, other people probably will to.

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