7 Tips to Help You Grow Your Email List

  1. You need good lead magnets 01:55
    • If you’re going to start collecting emails, you need good lead magnets.
    • Put some thought into these. What will benefit your audience the most?
    • Don’t be afraid to give a good idea away for free. It’s going to benefit you ten-fold in the end.
    • Check out episode 20 for ideas on types of lead magnets for your business.
  2. Use clear (and interesting) call to actions 03:08
    • Most people use a simple “sign up for our email list”. A user will generally glaze right over this.
    • You need something that will grab their attention and get them to connect with you!
    • Tell them what they will get from subscribing to you. Will they get a free download? More information? Weekly tips?
  3. Use paid ads to get new subscribers 04:39
    • Google ads or Facebook ads are a great way to connect with new audiences and grow your email list.
  4. Do cross promotions 05:33
    • This could include guest posting with others in your community to share your expertise with new audiences.
  5. Use pop ups 06:08
    • Many people don’t like pop ups, but the fact is… they work!
    • They work especially well when combined with your lead magnets.
    • Use a product like Divi Overlays to customize you website pop ups.
  6. Create landing pages 07:45 
    • Combine landing pages with your lead magnets and paid ads for ultimate conversion.
  7. Host webinars or in-person events 08:30
    • Webinars are a great way to grow your email list because you’re offering a free training. People can easily see the value in it and are more likely to give your their email.
    • Also, if someone doesn’t show up to the webinar, you still get their email and can connect with that person at a later time.
  8. Create evergreen content 09:27
    • If you know that a certain topic will be useful at any point for your audience, create a piece of evergreen content that you can continually promote.
    • Use this as a tool to grow your email list over time.
    • David uses his tool the Demo Zone as evergreen content on his website. It’s something that continually provides value to his audience.
  9. Use content upgrades 11:18
    • On Tim’s website, he provides free tutorial videos on specific tasks. Then, he will offer a content upgrade for a plugin that will perform the task for you.
    • Content upgrades work so well because you’ve already built trust with the user. It’s much easier to sell them on the next stage.

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