5 Google Apps that Can Streamline Your Web Design Workflow

The Google Apps from GSuite are a MUST for running a web design business.

  1. Gmail 01:41
    • There are so many good reasons to use the Gmail software as your email service.
    • Their email servers are trusted worldwide, so you’ll hardly ever end up in customer’s spam folders.
    • The new update has some really cool features, such as auto complete.
  2. Google Drive 03:10
    • Google Drive makes it easy to store your files online.
    • The free plan gives you some storage and the paid plans give you 30+ gb!
    • We store all of our audio recordings for WP the Podcast on Google Drive.
    • An example of how you could use this Google app to streamline your workflow would be to create shared folders with your clients. It is an easy way for them to upload website files for you.
  3. Google Docs 05:03
    • This is similar to Microsoft Word or Pages.
    • It’s great for writing blog posts or just typing out your thoughts.
    • You can easily export to all types of files.
  4. Google Sheets 05:50
    • Like Docs, but for spreadsheets.
    • Because these are stored in the cloud, you can access the files anywhere, on any device! This is also really great for collaboration.
  5. Google Calendar 06:53
    • There are so many features within this Google App.
    • You can add extra details to your meetings and even add in video conferencing details using Zoom.
    • You can also share your calendar with team members and they can schedule meetings based on your availability.
  6. Bonus Google Apps! 07:26
    • Hangouts: a Google app for meetings.
    • Google Slides: a Google app for presentations.
    • Google Voice – a Google app that you can use to set up a business phone number.

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