Why You Need To Pitch Website ROI Instead of Website Design & Features

  1. Reason #1: Business owners only care about the bottom line 01:16
    • We might be super excited about all the new features that we can add to a website, but the business owner really only cares about how the website will impact the bottom line, not what cool features it has.
    • It’s important to explain how the features and tools will increase the ROI for the business.
  2. Reason #2: It puts the conversation in a language that the business owner cares about and understands 03:30
    • You can say to a client “I will build you a responsive website”, but they may not know what that means or really care. They want to hear that you can provide the end result, which is a website that can be viewed on all devices.
    • It’s important to let your client know why they need these features, but put the focus more on the benefit.

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