VPS Hosting vs Dedicated Servers

  1. VPS: Dedicated environment on a shared server 01:03
    • You’re sharing resources with other companies, with a dedicated environment just for you.
    • For more on this topic, listen to episode 168.
  2. VPS: Other sites don’t affect your site 01:39
    • If someone’s website gets hacked on your shared server, everyone could suffer.
    • With VPS hosting, you don’t have to worry about that.
  3. VPS: More affordable price 02:04
    • This option can be a much more affordable price point, if you don’t need an entire server.
  4. Dedicated: Your own server 02:21
    • You have 100% of your resources.
    • This can be used for your own websites or for your client websites.
  5. Dedicated: More expensive, but worth it 03:56
    • It’s worth it if you have enough sites to justify it, or you have a large ecommerce site.
  6. Dedicated: Sites compete for resources 04:21
    • If you’re hosting a lot of clients on your server, and one of them gets their email blacklisted, it could be bad for the other clients as well.
    • You’ll know the resources needed for each client and can manage this.

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