The Value of Getting Customer Feedback

  1. Reason #1: Obtaining testimonials 01:14
    • You can use testimonials on your website to build trust with future customers.
    • Resource: David’s testimonial plugin Testify. Use code wpthepodcast for 20% in the next 30 days!
  2. Reason #2: Increasing engagement 04:15
    • You can also ask for testimonials on your social media. This will give you another way to engage your audience.
    • Even negative comments can be good for your business. You’re still getting engagement and you can use the feedback to make improvements.
  3. Reason #3: Making internal improvements 06:12
    • Improve your website based on customer feedback.
  4. Reason # 4: Optimizing processes and sales funnels 07:32 
    • Send out surveys and ask your clients what is working and what is not working.
  5. Reason #5: Rewarding or critiquing employees 08:15
    • Get feedback from your customers on your staff and pass it along to show appreciation and help with improvements.

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