How Strategy in Gaming Can Help You in Business

There are some stigmas around playing a lot of video games (turning your brain to mush, wasting time, etc), but we want to challenge that by saying that video games could actually be teaching some solid business advice.

  1. Gaming strategy is actually pretty similar to running a WordPress business 00:32
    • When David was hard core gaming back in the 90’s, he used a lot of the same strategy that he does now with running his own business.
    • In gaming and in business, he was willing to be non-traditional and take risks in business.
    • And those risks have certainly paid off!
  2. It teaches problem solving 06:22
    • Obviously, you don’t want to spend all your time playing video games, but Tim argues that playing video games will give you problem solving practice.
    • This can help later with business because it keeps your mind focused on problem solving.

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