Should You Keep Your Business Local or Grow National and International

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00:28 David Blackmon: Hey everybody, welcome to another episode of WP The Podcast, I’m David Blackmon

00:35 Tim Strifler: And i’m Tim Streifler

00:38 David Blackmon: Im back, I’m back, I’m back. I know y’all, you know my old face is, but I’m back. You thought i was staying away but couldn’t couldn’t help it. Today we got a great topic should you keep your business local or should you grow it national or international, and Tim and i didn’t talk about this beforehand and i have in my mind what i think we’re going to talk about Tim, but uh because i guess it depends on what type of business you have as to. Whether or not you’re going to grow it nationally internationally i think we were probably thinking more along the lines of like web development agencies and stuff right Tim? 

01:20 Tim Strifler: Yeah definitely, um and yeah David’s right, we didn’t talk about it ahead of time, so we might be on different pages, but usually on stuff like this we are generally in agreement. So um in my opinion uh i would say in most cases focus on your local area and the reason i say that is when you are in your local area and your potential customers are in that area too, there’s an immediate connection, right? Like i’m in San Clemente California and businesses in San Clemente, like to work with other businesses in San Clemente um and so if me, if i was still doing client work and i called up a local business here, and i said “hey i noticed your website sold i’d love to talk to you about potentially getting you a new site and see what i can do for you blah blah blah”, they’re going to be a lot more receptive to me as a local company, than if someone out of state or out of the country calls them up randomly. They’re going to be like who the heck are you? So that’s my general opinion. However there’s cases where it makes sense to have business national and internationally. For example David and i both because we became experts in the Divi Theme and we were selling products and doing tutorials. Both of our companies had businesses and people from all over the country and the world saying “hey can you build me a site” and in that case it’s like why would you say no to that if you have business coming to you. That’s local and national so i guess it comes down to if you’re trying to get business and you’re going to work on some outbound marketing and sales and stuff like that focus local but if you have national international business coming your way like i would never turn that away.

03:10 David Blackmon: My take on this is absolutely to all three. You should grow your business local national and international. But i agree with Tim, and that start local become a um you know very well established well respected business in your local area. Because it will be easier to get clients. But i think that you should always be focused on maybe the bigger picture and be putting some stepping stones in place to where you can grow nationally and internationally. And it’s not so much about soliciting businesses in an old way where you’re you’ve got sales people and they’re cold calling and they’re reaching out trying to close deals it’s more about establishing yourself as an expert in your niche or field or business and then producing content to where you’re attracting people from around the world. And that’s what Tim kind of alluded to and talked about with us his business and our business is that because we we weren’t intentionally deciding we’re going we’re going to go get customers all over the world. It’s not what our intention was, our intention was just to be helpful in our niche which was WordPress and because we were doing that, people just gravitated towards us. They wanted to work with us and stuff, so you know i think that if you take that same strategy and approach with your business no matter what it is you can you know build it locally and then just be the baddest badass you can in your business, and people are going to want to come work from you work with you. From all over the world and stuff. And then the good news is is once that’s established it’s hard to get knocked off you know. Once google and the search engine see you as an authority in your niche you’re gonna it’s it’s gonna be really really hard for people to catch up with you, and you know unless you just quit doing anything online so you know i guess the long way of saying it is yes yes and yes but be intentional and stuff yeah. 

05:37 Tim Strifler: Yeah well said, love it..

05:41 David Blackmon: All right tomorrow we’ve got another great topic do you need a physical office in 2022? I mean yeah do you need an office. Tune in tomorrow and you’ll find out until then.

05:54 Tim Strifler: Take care, bye.

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