Merry Christmas! A Look Back on 2017 and What We’re Grateful For

  1. Family 01:25
    • David:
      • “Definitely grateful to my family. As an entrepreneur and a business owner, you work your butt off and you put in a lot of hours because you want your company to be successful and stuff. In order to do that, it really helps when you have a supportive family. I’m very blessed to have a wonderful wife who supports me, helps me, and allows me to do what I love to do.”
    • Tim:
      •  “Family is huge. As an entrepreneur or freelancer, you don’t have the steady paycheck and you don’t have the consistent work hours. You definitely do need that support system because it’s hard. I joke and say that my wife is my CFO and not in the traditional sense… she’s my Chief Feedback Officer. She has a great eye for design and she’s not afraid to tell me when it doesn’t look good, which is what you want.”
  2. Partners 03:39
    • Tim:
      • “David is one of my closest partners and we have other partners within the Divi and WordPress community. It is invaluable. Not only for the actual business opportunities that it brings forth, but also because being an entrepreneur can be one of the loneliest jobs in the world. You don’t have co-workers and you don’t have the typical water cooler talk. A lot of times it’s just you, and so having partners that you can get feedback from and get advice from as well as just touch base with I think is a huge value, in addition to the actual collaborations, projects, and so forth that come with that too.
    • David:
      • My entire life has been through online communities and these partnerships. We value Tim as a partner as well. I mean it’s been a great year and we’ve done quite a few things together over the last couple years that have been really successful. We’re going to continue that trend into 2018.”
  3. Team members 05:37
    • We could not be where we are without our staff, without the people who help us create all of the products and services that we create. Very grateful for all of our team.
  4. Community 09:39
    • Community is important. It’s what has made WordPress and Divi what it is today. If you’re not involved in any type of web design, WordPress, or in more specific theme or Plugin communities, get involved. You get to be around like-minded people that are passionate about what you’re passionate about.

Merry Christmas from WP The Podcast! David has some special holiday “Naughty or Nice” promotions going on over at Aspen Grove Studios and Divi Space. Tim also has a sweet 20% off holiday sale over at Divi Life. Merry Christmas and enjoy these holiday savings!

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