How to Get Web Design Business When Things are Slow

  1. Reach out to existing and past clients 00:59
    • Find out if they need any refreshes or updates on their website.
    • Ask if they know of anyone who needs a new website. Say that you’ve opened up some time in your schedule and are taking on new clients.
    • It’s easier to get more business out of people who have already spent money on you. It’s much harder to convince a new person to spend money on you.
  2. Friends, family, and social media 01:34
    • Similar to the above point, post on social media that you have opened up some time in your schedule and are taking on new clients. Ask if any family and friends know of someone who might need a website.
    • Be sure to do this tactfully.
    • You don’t want to sound desperate.
    • You do want to sound like you have been providing a lot of value to current clients, your web design business is thriving, and that you happened to have opened up a spot for a new client. A spot that won’t be open for long!
  3. Discounted or pro-bono work 02:36
    • You will get varied opinions on whether this is a good idea or not.
    • However, most non-profits are run by a board, usually of volunteers. These board members are from various backgrounds and industries, who all need websites!. This means that non-profit work can become a big lead generator for your web design business.
  4. Update your own website 03:35
    • Take some time to update your website with new projects, content, and more.
  5. Do local Facebook ads 04:02
    • Facebook ads are a great way to get your feet wet in advertising and to hyper target people in your area.
    • Do something that will make your ads stand out. Film a personal video of you talking about your company, how you live in their local area, and that you are available to help them with any web design needs.

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