What is the Divi theme?

As one of the world’s most popular web development platforms, there are many ways to make a WordPress website. Skilled developers can code their own theme from scratch, however, most WordPress users do not have these technical abilities and opt to use themes instead. 

Themes are a collection of code files that communicate with the files in WordPress’ core package to add form and function to the barebones state of the WordPress file system. Themes, often purchased from vendors or market places don’t really allow for deep customizations outside of their frameworks. Working with a set theme can be tricky and often, there’s a high cost for an individual theme. 

 Our favourite way of building WordPress websites is using the Divi theme

 Divi is one of the world’s most popular WordPress themes. Divi is a modular, drag and drop visual builder that allows you to assemble a page or post layout from a collection of web elements or modules. Ranging from sliders to contact forms, pricing tables and much, much more, Divi’s extensive portfolio of highly customizable modules offers an easy-to-use web design process and further, eliminates the need for additional plugins or custom de. 

 The brains behind the Divi theme is a company called Elegant Themes. What began as a passion project where the founder, Nick Roach, built simple websites for his band later turned into a thriving software company. 

 As well as Divi, Elegant Themes offers another theme, Extra. The Extra theme works on a similar premise as Divi by employing the same functionality as Divi. Layouts are created with a modular drag and drop Divi Builder, except in the case of Extra, a few additional modules are included for use. Extra was designed as a ‘magazine’ theme, and so it includes various modules designed to help web creators construct layouts that maximise news, information.

 , as well as two leading marketing plugins; Monarch for social media sharing and Bloom for email marketing. Purchasing a membership to Elegant Themes – available in two options, annual or lifetime – grants you unlimited access to all of the Elegant Themes products. These products can be used countless times in unlimited web builds. 

 As well as Divi, there are other drag and drop visual builders available for WordPress. Some of the top names include Beaver Builder, Elememntor and Visual Composer. While these are great products, we feel that Divi is still the best visual builder for our and our customer’s needs. Here are a few reasons why we love using the Divi theme:


  1. It’s easy to use and customize, 
  2. You don’t need to know code,
  3. A lifetime Divi membership won’t break the bank, and
  4. The international Divi community is incredible.  

How can I get Divi?

If you haven’t already purchased the Divi theme, please do so now before proceeding. Please note, the Divi theme files are not included in this online course. You’ll need to purchase your own Elegant Themes license to gain access to the Divi theme files.


To sign up for an Elegant Themes membership, head over to their website and create an account

    Here you can select between an annual or lifetime membership. Divi really is the first, last and only WordPress theme you’ll ever need, so we suggest signing up for a lifetime membership straight away. 

    Once you’ve selected your membership term, you’ll be prompted to fill in your details.

    Follow the prompts and enter your personal and payment details to complete the signup.

    You’ll be an Elegant Themes member and Divi owner in no time!